Bio: Born in Virginia Beach, VA. I moved to North Carolina when I was about 8 years old and my first friend there was TRNL Bart. I grew up a little troubled but figured it out by high school and turned things around for myself. I have been gaming since MW2 I was the quick scope king lol. I didn't play competitive until my skill grew in Fortnite in 2018. I decided to launch a gaming organization in 2019 and it grew quickly thanks to my members support and drive.

Bio: Born in New York and moved to north Carolina and met my brothers General and Pope. We've been tight as can be since. I like to do a lil bit of everything like sports, music, and more. But above all that my passion is computers. So when I got the opportunity to become the video creator for TRNL it was only right. Im just excited to help this org grow and expand all over the world.

John " TRNL Bursted" Shelford

Age: 18

My name is John "Bursted" Shelford and I live in Quakertown Pennsylvania. I'm 18 years old and all I do is play soccer and Call of Duty. I've been playing competitive COD since March of Black Ops 4 and have profited $6,700. I have always loved and played soccer since I was 5, either with friends or for the school it's a healthy passion of mine.

Drew "TRNL DBree" DeBree

Age: 20

Hi I'm Drew "DBree" DeBree I'm 20 years old and I've been gaming since I was introduced to the Nintendo 64 when I was 4 years old. I turned a passion of mine into something that I could realistically make a career out of. I have always been competitive whether it was sports or games or anything. Due to an ACL injury I was forced to move away from physical sports and that's when I found fortnite. It's been history ever since.

Sean " TRNL Wheels"

Age: 21

My name is Sean, I'm 21 years old from BC Canada and gaming is my life. It all started at a young age with various nintendo consoles and has built up to me gaming on a pc 10 hours a day, every day. Before I got into competitive fortnite I was just casually playing various MOBAs and Shooters like League of Legends and H1Z1 and always kept improving so I could one of the best. In my gaming career all I would like to achieve is to makes my fans proud. Playing in tournaments is one of the ways I can do this and Fortnite is the only game where I have started to do so and I love it because of that.

Bio: My name is Justin Sebring I am 17 years old from Southern California. I got into games when I was a kid by playing Madden and other games with my older brother. I first found out about Fortnite from my friends at school and me wanting to play with them. I put in countless hours of dedication to hopefully be the greatest one day

Bio: My name is Luciano Ledesma and I am from Arizona. I started playing video games like Uncharted and World at War with my dad at a young age. Video games have always been a part of my life. I started playing competitively when I was unable to continue playing sports due to concussions. I started playing Fortnite since it came out and fell in love with it instantly.

Bio: Hi, my name is Colin "TRNL Litzinio" Shea I'm 17 years old and I've been playing video games since I can remember. It all started with Super Mario Strikers on the GameCube and evolved into a passion beyond casually gaming. I grew up in Washington State and grew a liking towards competitive gaming which evolved into a potential career choice. Games have been apart of my life for years now and it I'm hoping to turn it into something bigger.

Bio: My name is Vinny and I'm from Southern California, I grew up playing video games and have loved them ever since, I didn't get into competitive gaming up until Fortnite.

Armenia "TRNL Shizo" Erevan

Age: 18

I was born in Armenia Erevan and moved to the United States when I was 14. I saved up some money and bought a ps4 and started playing fortnite. I later on got a PC and started taking the game seriously and now here I am on the best team I could've asked for TRNL!

Bio: Originally from Shreveport, LA; currently serving in the US military stationed in Colorado. Some hobbies include gaming, sports, and listening to music. I signed to play Fortnite for TRNL gaming as a competitive controller player in the NAW Region.